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A pet is a stress buster and can be a man’s best friend, but no matter how adorable your puppy may be, it only takes one walk around your house to untidy for him to wreak havoc on the place. Have you been thinking about adding a pet to the family but aren’t ready to give up the cleanliness of your home?

Your beloved furry friend that you bring home could become responsible for the big mess ever in the next five minutes! A new pet is exciting, but it is also a major commitment. There are plenty of other tasks that come with having an animal in your household. You may need some tips on keeping things cleaner longer when you have that furry friend, and I am trying to help you with that.

Protect your hardwood floors and furnishings from hair


1/ Invest in a Good Vacuum

Although it is often hard to get around, the vital factor in cleaning a house is no time or effort; rather, it’s organization. From grooming your furry pal to getting a vacuum cleaner, you need to do many things for an odour-free shining house. Look for efficient methods of smart cleaning with the pet-appropriate shark vacuum cleaner.

Do you have a shedding dog? With the best shark vacuum for pet hair at hand, you will easily pull out that pesky hair from the hard floor and carpet. It has strong suction and a good brush that pick the minutest hair on the floor with its gliding motion on the surface. The HEPA and pre-motor filters accumulate dirt in the duct cup.

Models like pet pro and navigator pet plus have sleek upright designs and are lightweight. The twelve feet length is appreciable for extended reach for cleaning every nook and corner of your home.


2/ Keep Stain Remover Close By

Tidying up the wreck your children or pets make immediately can save you a great deal of energy and time. Thankfully, we have the best shark vacuum for pet hair around. There are several powerful cleaning agents in your kitchen to aid with the cleaning. They are moderately priced, kill mould and act as an anti-fungal to kill bacteria.

3/ Use White Vinegar to Deodorize Your Carpet

White vinegar is a safe carpet cleaner for your canine that takes off the pet odour from your carpets and surroundings by neutralizing odours. This low priced and widely used product acts on moulds and performs anti-fungal action to kill microorganisms. Vinegar works on cleaning up a urine stain absorbed in the carpet. Pour little vinegar on the stain and sprinkle a little baking soda. Keep the carpet under the sun for a few days and vacuum to eliminate the stain.

4/ Groom Your Pet Regularly

You are short on time when you have pets; breeding and training takes up most of your free minutes. Pets also like to be pampered. Trimming the claws not only ensures their wellbeing and maintain hygiene; but also prevents snagging the carpet. A good quality clipper, Slicker Brush, cotton swab, eye/ear cleansers, shampoo, and trimmer are must-haves in your canine’s grooming kit.

Dogs may suffer from oral problems. Brush your dog’s teeth once every 7 days to keep gingivitis, tooth decay, bad breath, and bleeding gums under check.


5/ Scoop & Clean the Litter Box Often

Your feline friend loves cleanliness. A dirty litter box may be a turn off for most of them. If you own a cat, an unscoped litter box is like an unflushed toilet. Litter boxes are scooped daily. Changing the litter box twice a week will help the house free from smell. Cats hold urine if they find dirty areas, and it may cause urinary blockage or stones and other urinary problems.

An unclean litter box may also transmit zoonotic disease. You must have double the number of litter boxes than the number of cats in the house.

6/ Clean Pet Beds Easily and Naturally

Pick a pet bed in woven material with the same shade as your pet. Unclean pet bedding can harbour ticks, bacteria, mites and fleas, especially in the sitting area. Wash it regularly to keep them free from mud stains, urine drops, and a speck of unwanted dirt.

Use baking soda to remove stains on pet beds. Baking soda is a natural and hypoallergenic carpet cleaner. Alternatively, invest in a bio-enzymatic cleaner; it is safe and biodegradable. If the bed has a removable cover, soak and wash the bed cover with a pet-friendly detergent in the washing machine. Roll a lint roller over the bed to remove hair and, for the remaining hair.

7/ Engage with toys and clean them often

Toys are a fun way to engage and entertain pets. The chewable toys will keep them busy. Toys and other accessories smell after some time, so they need regular cleaning. Be sure to wash and dry under the sun that will kill remaining germs & odour. A pot with baking soda or a vinegar spray will result in fresh-smelling spaces.

The well-trained pet may accidentally spill the mess. You have to be prepared with gears for getting in action spontaneously. Be it washing the area or fighting the foul odour, or acting on stains, a quick action to treat them is the key.

8/ Set up a dog cleaning station

You must have a doormat and train your pet to rub their paws before getting up to the carpet. Or, it’s a good home improvement idea is to set up a dog wash station. It makes bath time comfortable for both of you and keeps the mess out of the house. The wash station size may range between 36-48 inches creating ample space to accommodate medium-sized to large dogs.

You may make it as elaborate as you want. The hot and cold water supply, sewage system, storage, bathtubs, shower, electricity, non-skid pet ramps, shampoos and towels are essentials.

Author Bio:

Eric Swanson is a pet lover blogger. He has been caring for pets since he was young and his most cherished memories are when he is helping others and their pets. He enjoys volunteering his time with local dog rescues, along with spending time with his family. He is currently sharing his expertise with pickpetvacuum.com.


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