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6 BEST Bird Feeder Cameras in 2024 (LIVE streaming options)

6 BEST Bird Feeder Cameras in 2024 (LIVE streaming options)

Setting up a camera to watch your bird feeders is tons of fun!

Personally, I love seeing the incredible details of each bird up close, which also makes them easier to identify correctly. Plus, it’s great to be able to share pictures or videos with friends to show off my backyard visitors!

But finding a bird feeder camera that fits your needs can be challenging.

best bird feeder cameras

So today, I made a comprehensive list of different options, styles, and techniques. Below you will find everything from bird feeders with cameras built inside them to trail cameras to security cameras!

And make sure to check out Option #7. This bird feeder camera is the one that I use to watch the birds in my yard in HIGH DEFINITION (up to 4K)! In addition, I can LIVE stream my bird feeding station to multiple platforms, like YouTube.

best bird feeder cameras

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Netvue was the first company to manufacture an “out of the box” bird feeder that has a camera built into the design! The camera is 1080p, which gives incredibly clear video and pictures of the birds that visit!

What’s really neat about the Birdfy Feeder Camera is that you can watch the birds from your phone! The app makes it easy to record or capture interesting moments that can be shared quickly and easily. In addition, you can set up notifications to be alerted every time a bird comes to the feeder, although this can get annoying quickly if you have a high-traffic feeding station. Also, please note that the bird feeder must be close enough to your house to connect to your Wifi to work.

Although the bird feeder camera is not squirrel-proof, the Birdfy Feeder has an interesting way to discourage squirrels. The Netvue app and the camera have two-way audio, so if you see a squirrel on the feeder you can yell at it to go away or set off a built-in siren. 🙂

One negative to this style of bird feeder camera is the fact you have to recharge the batteries in the camera. Netvue says that their battery lasts up to 6 months, but this will vary depending on how many birds visit your bird feeding station. But they also have the option to buy a small solar panel, which continuously charges the battery for you.

#2. Gopro (with attachments)

using a gopro camera to record birds


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When most people think of a GoPro, they typically think of attaching one to a surfboard, a mountain bike, or using it in another adventure sport. But these small action cameras also make incredible bird feeder cameras! In fact, I’ve personally used the GoPro HERO9 in my backyard to take some incredible videos!

There are TWO ways you can use a GoPro as a bird feeder camera:

Option #1: Use an attachment to secure the GoPro directly to a feeder.

One of the awesome benefits of a GoPro is all the accessories that have been created! Specifically, I used a tripod mount adapter and attached it directly to a few of my tray feeders, as seen below:

Once the adapter is attached, I can easily secure the GoPro onto the bird feeder. Now you just have to turn the video camera on and walk away. 🙂

GoPro’s have incredible video capabilities and I’ve had no problem recording incredible details of each bird up-close. Seriously, check out the video below. Every one of the video clips was taken from my GoPro!


Option #2: Set up a tripod next to your bird feeder.

If you’re unable or don’t want to put a GoPro attachment onto your bird feeder, just buy a tripod with an appropriate GoPro tripod attachment.

Make sure that the tripod you purchase is tall enough to reach your bird feeders. This 75-inch (190 cm) option should reach most feeding stations.

Using a GoPro as a bird feeder camera will provide incredible video, but there are some drawbacks. The main issue is that the battery doesn’t last very long. I have found that if I’m taking a 4K video, then the battery lasts about an hour. I have purchased extra batteries that I keep fully charged, so it’s easy to run out and change the battery when recording.

So if you’re looking for a bird feeder camera that you can watch from inside your house anytime you want, a GoPro is a bad option.

But if you are only looking to get HIGH-QUALITY video or pictures of your birds periodically, then it’s hard to beat the durability and functionality of a GoPro.

the best trail camera to watch and record birds

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Using a trail camera to see the birds at your feeder can be a great option!

Trail cameras are primarily used by hunters to scout where they should be hunting. Normally wrapped around trees, trail cameras are motion-activated and ONLY take pictures or video when something crosses in front of the sensor.

To use a trail camera to record videos or take pictures of your birds, all you need to do is find a suitable place near your bird feeding station and secure it. Unlike the GoPro above, a trail camera battery will last a LONG time, since it only turns on when a bird activates it.

Please note that the Yellowstone.ai trail camera recommended above sends the pictures and videos directly to your phone. So there is no need to run out to check the memory card! This is an awesome feature, but one drawback is that the camera requires a monthly data plan from Yellowstone.ai.

If you don’t want to purchase a separate data plan, there are dozens of other trail camera alternatives that are much less expensive, but you just need to take the memory card out to view what you recorded.

#4. Use your phone with a tripod!

using phone as bird feeder camera

Honestly, you might be overcomplicating your search for a bird feeder camera! Have you ever thought about putting your phone next to your bird feeder? Seriously, many of the cameras on phones are fantastic.

If you are serious about setting up a bird feeder camera, using an Axis network camera is definitely the BEST option, but also the biggest commitment and most expensive. Lastly, I am looking for additional live cameras to stream on my YouTube channel (I’d give you most of the ad revenue!). If you are interested, send me a message HERE.

What is your favorite bird feeder camera?

Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

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    In fact, I have used this strategy myself.
    Specifically, I set my iPhone next to my hummingbird feeder and was amazed at how incredible the videos were! For example, check out the recordings below, which were shot completely from my phone.


You need to purchase a tripod and a tripod mount adapter to fit your phone (as seen in the video above). And if you don’t want to use a tripod, you can also attach the phone mount adapter directly to a bird feeder!

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Using one of these security cameras from Blink Outdoor* is an easy solution for a bird feeder camera. Very quickly, you can be watching the action on your phone from just about anywhere.

The cameras are WiFi-enabled, so the only limitation you have is that they need to be installed where there is a decent internet signal. However, since there are no wires, you can place, stand, or mount them just about anywhere. If you desire, you can place multiple cameras around your feeding station for different views!

I love that you don’t have to worry much about the battery life either. It’s estimated that the two lithium AA batteries can last up to two years!

If you wish, you can set up motion detection. This feature will allow you to be alerted every time there is something on the feeders. Of course, this could get pretty annoying if you have lots of visitors. 🙂

And here’s my favorite part about this bird feeder camera. There is two-way audio, so you can speak to whatever is on your bird feeder. This means that if you see a squirrel, you can yell at it to go away! 🙂

*There are multiple companies that offer wireless, battery-operated security cameras. Do your research before purchasing to see which options you like best. Some other companies to check out include Arlo and Eufy.

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You are looking at the BEST bird feeder camera that money can buy! 🙂

Axis Communications specializes in network security cameras, and their products are the best in the world. Lucky for us, their security cameras also make incredible bird feeder cameras.

And I’m speaking from experience because I have TWO Axis cameras in my backyard that I stream live! Press PLAY below to see what is happening at my bird feeders right now.

The image quality is outstanding, and if your device supports it, you can watch the birds on my feeders in 4K (2160p)! I love the incredible details and vibrant colors visible on the Axis P1468-LE.

My favorite part about these cameras is that, if you choose, you can live stream to a variety of platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. Not only can you watch your bird feeders from anywhere in the world, but you can also let other people enjoy the birds in your yard.

But let me tell you that setting up one of these bird feeder cameras is not for the faint of heart. Between the equipment and the software needed, the whole process is quite costly. In addition, these network cameras don’t work on WiFi, so you will need to supply PoE (power over ethernet) underground.

If you are serious about setting up a bird feeder camera, using an Axis network camera is definitely the BEST option, but also the biggest commitment and most expensive. Lastly, I am looking for additional live cameras to stream on my YouTube channel (I’d give you most of the ad revenue!). If you are interested, send me a message HERE.

What is your favorite bird feeder camera?

Let us know in the COMMENTS section below!

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