5 reasons a horsebox is better than a car

  • There are times that, much as we love our trusty wagons, they can be frustrating. And it’s fair to say no rider has ever uttered the words “My lorry’s going in for its MoT” without that thousand-pound-bill shiver up the spine, and that’s if you’re lucky.

    So to celebrate the humble horsebox, here are five reasons why we think a lorry is so much better than a car.

    1. You can’t put a horse in your car


    2. Presence

    The sight of your much-loved DAF (other lorry makes are available) hoving into view on a narrow country lane might make your average BMW driver (other inconsiderate drivers are available) think harder about barging through on your right of way than if you were in your Ford Fiesta (other car makes, etc) would. Because you’re not going to come off worse here.

    3. Nosiness

    Not only is there a safety plus in sitting in state high above the road, being able to see over hedges does not just allow you to spot oncoming traffic, it also gives the nosey parker passengers among us all sorts of extra things to see. Just what have they been up to at number 34?!

    4. Speed

    Limiters may be irritating, or at least to those of us without the more elderly wagons for whom 56mph is an aspiration rather than a ceiling. But at least you won’t get caught by 70mph speed cameras on the motorway, and you can snigger at anyone else who does.

    5. Time

    Your car may be ready to go as soon as you turn the engine on, without all that tedious hanging around for the whining noise to stop, meaning you can actually get your lorry moving. But then that removes the window for remembering you’ve forgotten to pack your saddle/boots/gin/horse… we know you’ve been there.

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