4-5 year old female Golden Retriever Cross available for adoption

Ria, a charming 4 to 5-year-old female Golden Retriever cross, exudes warmth and affection, promising to be an exceptional companion to her future adopter.

Renowned for her gentle and laid-back nature, Ria’s endearing personality captures the hearts of all who meet her. She delights in the simple pleasures of life, relishing in the joy of a good roll and savouring the warmth of a tummy scratch.

On walks, Ria demonstrates impeccable leash manners, making strolls a delightful experience for both her and her human companion.

Moreover, her cleanliness in the house reflects her conscientious nature and adaptability to indoor living. While her curiosity may be piqued by the sight of a fox or small furry creature, it is a common trait among canines and does not detract from her overall amiable disposition.

Ria’s sociable nature extends to her relationships with other dogs; she embraces the opportunity for companionship but is equally content in the company of her beloved human.

Her sole desire is to find a loving guardian who can shower her with the attention and affection she craves, providing her with a stable and nurturing environment to thrive.

However, Ria’s compatibility with cats remains untested, warranting caution in households with feline companions. Nevertheless, her interest in them while outdoors suggests the potential for peaceful coexistence with proper introductions and supervision.

Currently fostered in the tranquil setting of Croydon, Ria eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect with her forever family, inviting applications from individuals ready to embark on a journey of love and companionship with this precious golden girl.

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