101 Female Husky Names + Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your female Husky can be both an exciting and daunting task. As an owner, you’ll want a name that captures the beautiful and spirited nature of your Husky. Maybe you’re inspired by her frosty coat, her piercing eyes, or her energetic personality. Perhaps you prefer to reflect her Arctic heritage. In this list, you’ll find a blend of names inspired by the Husky’s unique qualities and popular dog names. Enjoy discovering the perfect name for your new friend!

  1. Amethyst: A gemstone often found in a purple color, perfect for a Husky with blue or partially blue eyes.
  2. Ariel: The mermaid who loved to explore, perfect for an adventurous Husky.
  3. Alaska: A nod to the Husky’s cold-weather origins.
  4. Astra: Latin for “star,” for a Husky that’s the star of your life.
  5. Aurora: Named after the stunning natural light display seen in the Arctic.
  6. Blaze: For a Husky with a fiery spirit.
  7. Bella: Italian for “beautiful,” fitting for a lovely Husky.
  8. Breeze: For a Husky as fresh and invigorating as a cool breeze.
  9. Blizzard: Reflecting the Husky’s snow-loving nature.
  10. Bloom: Perfect for a young Husky pup that is growing and blossoming.
  11. Cobalt: A beautiful blue hue, just like a Husky’s eyes.
  12. Coral: For a Husky that loves to swim.
  13. Chill: A cool name for a cool Husky.
  14. Cleo: Greek for “glory,” for your glorious Husky.
  15. Daisy: A popular, sweet dog name for a friendly Husky.
  16. Dawn: For a Husky that wakes up early in the morning.
  17. Diva: For a Husky with a diva personality.
  18. Dream: Because getting a Husky is a dream come true.
  19. Elm: Named after the strong and tall tree, perfect for a strong and tall Husky.
  20. Echo: A strong name for a Husky with a strong bark.
  21. Everest: Named after the highest mountain, for a Husky who loves to climb.
  22. Eclipse: For a Husky who’s outshone all others in your heart.
  23. Flurry: Representing a Husky’s love for snow.
  24. Feather: A light name for a Husky with a soft, feathery coat.
  25. Frost: Perfect for a white or light-colored Husky.
  26. Frigid: A playful name reflecting the Husky’s love for cold weather.
  27. Ginger: A fun name for a Husky with a reddish coat.
  28. Glacier: Named after the large, icy formations found in the Arctic.
  29. Goldie: For a Husky with a golden coat.
  30. Glow: Perfect for a Husky with a shiny coat.
  31. Hazel: A great name for a Husky with hazel-colored eyes.
  32. Harmony: For a Husky who brings harmony into your life.
  33. Harley: A strong, yet sweet name for a Husky.
  34. Honey: For a Husky with a sweet temperament and golden coat.
  35. Ice: Reflecting the Husky’s cold-weather origins.
  36. Iris: A beautiful flower, perfect for a beautiful Husky.
  37. Ink: For a Husky with a dark, shiny coat.
  38. Ivory: Perfect for a white-coated Husky.
  39. Jasmine: A fragrant flower, for a Husky with a sweet nature.
  40. Jade: A beautiful green gemstone, a unique name for your unique Husky.
  41. Jewel: Because your Husky is a precious gem.
  42. Juno: Roman goddess of marriage, symbolizing your bond with your Husky.
  43. Keen: Reflecting the Husky’s intelligent and observant nature.
  44. Kira: Russian for “mistress,” because your Husky rules your heart.
  45. Kiwi: A cute and playful name for a cute and playful Husky.
  46. Kodiak: Named after Kodiak Island in Alaska.
  47. Lily: A pure, beautiful flower, perfect for a beautiful Husky.
  48. Lotus: A beautiful flower, fitting for a beautiful Husky.
  49. Lolly: A sweet name for a sweet-natured Husky.
  50. Luna: Latin for “moon,” fitting for a Husky who loves to howl at the moon.
  51. Majesty: For a Husky with a majestic presence.
  52. Maverick: For a Husky who loves to do things her own way.
  53. Misty: Perfect for a grey-coated Husky.
  54. Nala: The brave lioness in “The Lion King,” perfect for a brave Husky.
  55. Nimbus: Latin for “cloud,” for a fluffy Husky.
  56. North: Reflecting the Husky’s Arctic origins.
  57. Nova: Latin for “new,” a great name for a new Husky puppy.
  58. Onyx: A black gemstone, perfect for a dark-coated Husky.
  59. Olivia: A popular human name, showing your Husky is part of the family.
  60. Opal: For a Husky with multi-colored eyes.
  61. Orchid: A beautiful flower, perfect for a beautiful Husky.
  62. Petal: For a Husky as delicate and beautiful as a flower petal.
  63. Pippa: A playful, fun name for a playful, fun Husky.
  64. Pearl: Perfect for a white-coated Husky.
  65. Polaris: The North Star, symbolizing your Husky’s northern roots.
  66. Queen: Because your Husky is queen of your heart.
  67. Quartz: For a Husky with clear, sparkling eyes.
  68. Quasar: A bright, shining star, just like your Husky.
  69. Quill: A writing tool made from a feather, for a Husky with a soft, feathery coat.
  70. Rain: For a Husky who loves playing in the rain.
  71. Raven: For a black-coated Husky.
  72. Ripple: For a Husky who loves water.
  73. Ruby: For a Husky with reddish coat tones.
  74. Sapphire: For a Husky with striking blue eyes.
  75. Snowball: A cute name for a fluffy white Husky.
  76. Sky: For a Husky with eyes as blue as the sky.
  77. Serenity: For a calm, peaceful Husky.
  78. Twilight: For a Husky with a coat as beautiful as twilight.
  79. Teal: A beautiful bluish-green color, a unique name for a Husky with unique eye color.
  80. Tundra: Reflecting the Husky’s cold-weather origins.
  81. Topaz: A precious gem, just like your precious Husky.
  82. Utopia: Greek for “no place,” for a Husky that’s out of this world.
  83. Ursa: Latin for “bear,” for a Husky with a bear-like coat.
  84. Umbra: Latin for “shadow,” perfect for a dark-coated Husky.
  85. Unity: For a Husky who’s brought your family closer together.
  86. Vanilla: For a white or cream-colored Husky with a sweet personality.
  87. Violet: For a Husky with a regal presence.
  88. Vixen: A lively and agile female fox, reflecting your Husky’s spirit.
  89. Velvet: For a Husky with a soft, velvety coat.
  90. Willow: A graceful tree, fitting for a graceful Husky.
  91. Whirlwind: For a Husky who’s always on the go.
  92. Whisper: A quiet, gentle name for a quiet, gentle Husky.
  93. Xanadu: An idyllic place, like the home you share with your Husky.
  94. Xena: After the warrior princess, for a strong, brave Husky.
  95. Xola: A Zulu name meaning “stay in peace,” for a peaceful Husky.
  96. Yara: A Brazilian name meaning “water lady,” for a Husky who loves to swim.
  97. Yale: A prestigious university, perfect for an intelligent Husky.
  98. Yuki: Japanese for “snow,” perfect for a snow-loving Husky.
  99. Zenith: The highest point, because your Husky is the best.
  100. Zephyr: A soft, gentle breeze, perfect for a soft, gentle Husky.
  101. Zoe: Greek for “life,” for a Husky full of life.

Finding the perfect name for your female Husky can be as exciting as welcoming her into your home. The name you choose should embody her unique spirit, reflect her physical traits, and resonate with the entire family. Whether inspired by her frosty origins or by her striking appearance, there’s certainly a name that will fit your new furry friend perfectly. Enjoy these moments of discovery, and here’s to many happy years with your Husky

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